What are Moon Rocks, and What do They do?

Marijuana moon rocks are particularly strong, even for an experienced cannabis user. They are different forms of marijuana combined into one potent nugget and then dipped or sprayed with hash oil. You definitely want to proceed with caution. Marijuana moon rocks are basically the “champagne” of the marijuana world.

What’s so Special About Moon Rocks?

Contrary to Earth, the lunar crust appears to be made up of a substantial part of rocks that contain a lot of the mineral anorthite. Iron content in mare basalts is comparatively high. As ilmenite, some of the mare basalts have extremely high quantities of titanium.

What are Moon Rocks Made of?

Silicates (such as pyroxene, olivine, and feldspar) and oxides (such as ilmenite, spinel, and a mineral discovered in rocks collected by Apollo 11 astronauts called armalcolite, a word formed by the first letters of the astronauts’ last names: Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins) are the most prevalent minerals in lunar rocks.

What is Moonrock? Do you Smoke?

Moonrocks are cannabis buds dipped in hash oil and then covered in kief. Because they are ultimately nothing more than concentrated cannabis, moon rocks can produce one of the most potent effects marijuana has to offer.

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