A strain guides the named variations of marijuana that differ in appearance, aroma, and effect. Cannabis is a plant that naturally grows in many parts of the world and has been bred with care to have specific traits. Different structural variations in the plant are described by terms like “Sativa” and “Indica,” such as broad leaves vs. narrow, tall vs. short stature, etc. The majority of the cannabis that is currently available is made up of hybrids, which are cannabis strains that have been crossed.

Why Are Strains Important?

Named cannabis strains make it possible for the cannabis experience to be somewhat consistent. Once you have identified the strain that gives you the best experience, you will have a reference point for all future purchases. 

In other words, if you enjoy the strain Chocolope, you can hunt for it in your neighborhood dispensary or inquire about related strains from the budtender. In the same way, you will know what qualities to avoid if you have a terrible experience with a specific strain.

The strains, however, can differ from grower to grower and batch to batch. In other words, the OG Kush you purchased from one farm could be slightly different from another in terms of strength, appearance, and aroma. Find your favorite strain from your favorite farm, and stick with it for the most consistent experience.