As marijuana’s acceptance grows year after year, more states are considering opening their economies to the Cannabis Packaging sector. However, stronger regulations are being implemented as more businesses enter the market. Companies must be aware of the rules and laws of every state they do business in since cannabis product laws differ from one state to the next. Similar to numerous rules and regulations, businesses can use numerous packaging options to differentiate themselves from the competition in this emerging market. 

Packaging Regulations

The first thing you should do when it comes to cannabis packaging is make sure you adhere to the rules and laws that are relevant to your state. It is essential to stay current with all laws if your company operates in multiple states. The specific laws can differ greatly between states because they are frequently altered and updated. Stated that the following rules are those that the state most frequently follows to abide by cannabis packaging regulations:

  • Child Resistant – Children under five must be unable to open the products.
  • Opaque – the contents of the containers must not be visible to consumers outside the company.
  • Tamper Evident – Customers should also be able to readily tell whether the product has already been opened. The most popular type of tamper evident evidence is a plastic seal or sticker over the lid.
  • Resealable – Products that are used repeatedly should be resealable.